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ClipGrab v3.6.6 they v3.6.8 audio problems

I used ClipGrab v3.6.5 for several months until v3.6.6 was released. I tried using v3.6.6 for a few days but all the YouTube videos downloaded with that version had audio that cut out either completely or sometime during the video. I reverted back to v3.6.5 and all was well again for several months. The audio & video for the half dozen YouTube videos I downloaded each week played fine...until now

Today, I attempted to download a YouTube video with v3.6.5 and ClipGrab returned an error after naming the video. It would not even start the download process. I understand that this is likely due to a change on YouTube's part due to their periodic code changes.

So I then downloaded and upgraded to the latest ClipGrab v3.6.8. I was now able to start the download of this same YouTube video with no errors whatsoever. When the video was done downloading, I played it. Unfortunately, the video's audio cuts out completely from the 44 min. mark to the end of this 67 min. video.

One interesting note: I was able to use another similar application (I won't name here) which downloaded and played the YouTube video perfectly.

I like your application due to its simple design but can no longer use it. The time it takes to download the videos just to find out that ClipGrab failed, is painful. If you find the bug, maybe you could post it in a changelog or release notes within the .dmg or on your website. I'll check back weekly.

Here are my Mac's specs in case this helps.
Mac mini 2.5ghz i5 / 16gb Ram / 500gb SSD / Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6


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  • Mark commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm seeing the same problem vith version 3.8.3.
    It looks like the bug has come back!

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